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Russian Diplomacy – Putin Gets Over on Obama Again.

I have always been drawn to the writings of George Orwell.  Animal Farm and 1984 are among the most prescient works ever written.  The entire tenure of Barack Obama … [Read More...]

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Obama and the G20 Summit – Obama First, Everyone Else Last

There are few things more difficult in the political world than watching a United States President fumble his way through a press conference.  Today, speaking from … [Read More...]

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Syria: The Perils of Unserious Policy

Has the president's widest window to enforce his own 'red line' policy in Syria already closed? The domestic politics are dicey at best. If President Obama wanted to send a statement of his seriousness to Bashar Assad, delivered via stand-off weapons … [Read More...]


The Cost of the War on Drugs

In yesterday’s article I looked at Operation Hemisphere.  This is a project that embeds AT&T telephone contractors with DEA agents.  DEA serves subpoenas on the contractors, who in turn provide the government with a variety of subscriber and usage data.  I … [Read More...]


Operation Hemisphere – How the Government Avoids the 4th Amendment

This article is the first of a two-part series concerning federal law enforcement in the United States.  Presently I am concerned with a federal program named Hemisphere, and what it means to American civil liberties. Under Hemisphere, federal law … [Read More...]

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